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  • I want to find a college where my kid will grow academically, socially, and personally (a perfect fit college!), but it’s all so overwhelming. We don’t know where to start!

  • I’m guilty of listening to the rumor mill, and I need an expert to help make sure that we choose colleges based on fact, not fiction.

  • I went to college 25 years ago and so much has changed. We need an expert to keep us up to date so we can keep anxiety to a minimum – for all of us!
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How I Help You Take the College Planning Process from Complicated Chaos…
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Hi, I’m Kate!

College Planning Consultant & Admissions Expert

For the past 8 years, I’ve found my passion in helping students and their families in the DC area and online navigate the complicated world of college admissions

With degrees in both psychology and educational testing, as well as executive function coach training, I’ve helped hundreds of students find the university that is their perfect fit.

Because college planning is different for each family and individual student (taking into account academics, learning style, etc.), one-size-fits-all methods won’t help your child reach their full potential. By only accepting a select group of students into my programs each graduating year, I can take the time to get to know your student—their unique personality, their strengths, and their struggles—in order to best advise and support them in their journey.



Just a quick note to thank you both for absolutely everything you did to help prepare, position, and guide [E’s] so incredibly successful college application process.

The results to date – six acceptances out of six application responses with money from four of the six so far , is like hitting .750 in the major leagues – record-setting stuff .

You rock … period!

D.N., Bethesda, MD

Thank you for everything to have done to make this process a success. The logistical guidance has been unbelievably helpful, but the moral and emotional support and encouragement, and your belief in her, have been even more valuable . 

We are so grateful!

B.P., Bethesda, MD

It has been really wonderful to have you help [A.] through the whole process, it definitely made my life much easier and both our stress levels way lower than it would have been otherwise . [A.] has really enjoyed working with you.

I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done, helping her with the applications and the essays, giving her deadlines and guidance.

It really made a difference for both of us.

P.T., Bethesda, MD

Thank you so much, Kate, for everything. Literally not sure we could have done without you.

For me, as a working mom, one of my busiest times is late summer/September/October. It has been invaluable to have you work so well with [J.], and know that all was being taken care of more than adequately.

J.J., Bethesda, MD

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