That “OMG she just GETS me!”
“How did you know?!”
kind of help.

That “OMG she just GETS me!”
“How did you know?!”
kind of help.

College Admissions Consultant Helping High School Students Discover Their College Path

My mission is to take the pressure & stress out of the college planning process while ensuring you end up in the school that’s your “perfect fit”

To Find the Right Fit, You Need Expert Help (From Someone Who’s Been There)
I’ve been where you are, and I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Long story short, I started my college education at what I thought was my “dream school.” Turns out, I had gotten some bad (read: rushed) college planning advice.

After finally receiving personalized college counseling from a trusted advisor, I was able to transfer to a school that ended up being the perfect fit for me.

Switching schools is far from ideal. But from that uncomfortable experience, I realized my passion for helping students find their perfect fit the first time.

Moral of the story: Make the right choice from the start!

Hi, I’m Kate

  • 8 years of experience as a college planning consultant

  • Degrees in psychology, educational testing

  • Executive Function & ADHD Coach

  • Current student at the University of California – Irvine (Go Anteaters!)

  • I LOVE: helping high school students, long walks around the Container Store, and the University of Maryland. (But, no, I won’t make you apply there… )

  • I HATE: being cold, running late, and snakes.

  • As a mom of 3, I think of every student as if they were mine.

  • Successfully placed hundreds of students in their “perfect fit” school (Y)



Can you plan for your future in 38 minutes? NO WAY.


The average ratio of high
school students to guidance
counselors in the U.S.

0 Minutes

The total amount of time a
guidance counselor spends per student
discussing college admissions


Percentage of students who
felt they were just “a face in the crowd”
to their guidance counselor

– American School Counselors Association, 2018

Next to your home, college is likely the most expensive financial investment a family will make in their lifetime. 

Finding the right fit where a student will truly thrive takes time, research, and discussion.

My job is not to just help your child fill out a few applications and call it a day.

I get to know your child, learn their unique qualities and desires, and thoughtfully counsel them throughout the entire college admissions process. 

You and your child deserve better than 38 minutes of help.

Let’s set your high-schooler up for lifelong success!

Book a free 30-minute College Consult Call to see if I’m the right fit for your child.